“MuMo” Island: Museum to School

Contemporary museum is imagined as modern, open and creative institution providing its audiences with inventive educational programs, engaging activities trying to reveal all invisible layers of cultural, historical and natural heritage. Participating in an annual exhibition “School” in Lithuanian exhibition and congress center “Litexpo” is an excellent opportunity to do that.
Association of Lithuanian Museums launched a projects called “MuMo Island”. Its name in Lithuanian covers words “Muziejus – mokyklai” what means “Museum to School”. Project aims to present Lithuanian museums’ most successful educational programs in one place and to help schools implementing concept of “Schools without Borders” into life, searching, creating, discovering and sharing experiences in unconventional settings and in inexperienced ways. Association’s project “MuMo Island” was first introduced in 2013 and widely recognized as one of the most successful projects of the “School” exhibition.
Project has been implemented for three years running. Almost 30 museums participate as shareholders in it. Diversity of educational activities varies from tactile way of learning about ethnographic architecture to virtual game “Soviet Incubator”. Last year the project even had its thematic clusters for providing better visitor guidance. “Lab of History and Art”, Wind the Helper of the Ship”, “Travel Lab”, “Citizenship Alley” “Nature and Home Lab” were just few of gripping names of educational programs created by passionate museologists.


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