Lithuanian Museum Route

IIn 2012 there was a programe of special museum events created called „Lithuanian Museum Route“. It aimed to provide a meaningful journey through all ethnographic regions of Lithuania, through the history of Lithuanian culture and state.
In 2012 Lithuanian Museum Route’s main idea was to reflect two hudred years of Lithuanian museology: from Dionizas Poška’s Baubliai to Lithuanian Sea Museum. Major effort has been made to reveal uniqueness of museums in Žemaitija, Aukštaitija, Dzūkija, Sūduva and Lithuania Minor.
Lithuanian Parliament announced 2013 the year of the uprising of 1863. Consequently, Lithuanian Museum Route was also dedicated to this memorial date. It was named “Historical Memory of 1863 Uprising”.
2014 was a starting point of the 5 year Lithuanian museum event cycle intended to commemorate one hundred year of reestablished Lithuanian statehood. The third Lithuanian Museum Route forged into one the best experiences of two previous Routes and was again divided into 5 ethnographic regions with one unifying theme.
In 2015 another important Lithuanian cultural dimension, folk art, was remembered and actualized through the program of Museum Route. The main goal was to share the message of richness of different regions of Lithuania and to reach audiences as wide as possible, especially young ones, through educational programs, exhibitions and various events.
Lithuanian Museum Route of 2016 invited us to discover our history of manor life. “Reflections of Manor Culture” was it’s name. The journey proceed through historical buildings and parks – a form of European Culture which existed and still exists alongside with ethnic Baltic heritage in such esthetically diverse and rich shapes.
Lithuanian Museum Route 2017 “Creators and Fosterers of the 16th of February”  was devoted to memorate the noblest personalities of cultural, scientific, artistic, educational, political, sports, journalistic and other fields in Lithuania and in exile and to take a fresh look at their values, works and their importance for the future and recreation of Lithuanian state on February 16. m. 55 museum in diferent regions invited to 100 events in honor of the 100th anniversary of the rebuilding of the Lithuania Statehood.
Lithuanian Museum Route 2018 “Signs of  the Independence” was dedicated to the most important achievements of Republic of Lithuania in 1918–1940 period in science, art, culture, education, industry, diplomacy and other fields. 75 museums from all over Lithuania prepared 130 events, which were a part of the program of the European Year of Cultural Heritage.
Engagement of the society in Museum Route activities encouraged museums to create the program “In Search of the Fatherland” 2019–2021 – the second stage of development – devoted to 30th Anniversary of the Restoration of the Republic of Lithuania in 2020.
In Lithuanian Museum Route 2019  “Lithuanian Landscapes: The Cultural Memory of Waters“ 60 museums invited society to 126 events: virtual exhibitions and exhibition halls, educational programs and concerts, sightseeing and theatrical tours, pleinairs and civic initiatives, hiking and even motorcycle rides.
Lithuanian Museum Route 2020 theme  was “Lithuanian Landscapes: Cultural Views of Mountains and Hills”.   The second part of of three-year program of national identity “Homeland Searching” actualized the cultural memory of Lithuanian mountains and hills. Organized by LMA the program of special museums events, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the restoration of the Republic of Lithuania, invited to 30 cultural events in open spaces in order to ensure the safety of visitors.

2021 the theme of Lithuanian parks and gardens will be developed.




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