Museologist of the Year

Lithuanian Museum Association wants to promote a seek of perfection in museology. That is why during an International Day of Museums, 18th of May, the nomination of the Museologist of the Year and a premium is being granted to the most prominent Lithuanian museologist. These people are:

2019 – Dr Jolanta Skurdauskienė

Deputy Director of Samogitian Art Museum

2018 – Ilona Mažeikienė

Head of Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum of the Lithuanian Art Museum

2017 – Daina Kamarauskienė,

Deputy Director for Museology of M. K. Čiurlionis Nattional Museum Of Art

2016 – Dionyzas Varkalis,

Museologist of the Ethnography Department of The History Museum of Lithuania Minor

2015 – Lolita Valužienė,

Executive Secretary of Lithuanian Museum Association

2014 – Jadvyga Kriščiūnienė,

Chief curator for collections, museologist in the Museum “Sėla” of Biržai Area

2013 – Dalius Avižinis,

Head of the Department of Registration and Preservation in Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

2012 – Kristina Mikuličiūtė-Vaitkūnienė,

Museologist in Mikas and Kipras Petrauskai Lithuanian Music Museum

2011 – Janina Samulionytė,

Ethnologist in Open Air Museum of Lithuania

2010 – Aldona Snitkuvienė,

Head of Applied Art Department in National M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum

2009 – Julius Kanarskas,

Head of History Department in Kretinga History Museum

2008 – Irena Senulienė,

Chief curator for collections in Trakai History Museum

2007 – Elvyta Spudytė,

Chief curator for collections in Samogitian Museum “Alka”

2006 – Virginija Paplauskienė,

Head of Deparment of Diaspora Literature in Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum

2005 – Dalia Keršytė,

Chief Museologist of Iconography Department in Lithuanian National Museum

2004 – Rūta Mažeikienė,

Chief curator for collections in Lithuanian Sea Museum


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