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Lithuanian Museum Association is a voluntary non-profit organization standing for museums around Lithuania. Established by active and experienced museum professionals in 1995 the Association then created a common ground of cooperation for 39 Lithuanian museums. Its wheel has been taken by the meritorious museologist Romualdas Budrys, director of Lithuanian Art Museum.


Contemporary Association is a well established and independent organization proudly representing Lithuanian museums and capable for implementing large scale European funded socially orientated projects. Museum professionals gathered under the umbrella of the Association are keen on materializing main values of creativity, lifelong learning and social bonding through projects aimed to developing competences of museum personnel and developing tight connections between school and museum.


The Association also plays and active role in encouraging innovation and dissemination of museological thought through publishing “Lithuanian Museums”, possessing a rich and open on demand library of thematic literature and yearly awarding the most outstanding people in the field.


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